Disney Company is violating privacy protection laws

California claims the Walt Disney Company violates data protection laws by collecting the personal data of children from 42 of their apps and sharing the data with advertisers without the parent's consent.

Overall, the suit calls 42 Disney apps it is called, run by COPPA. The applicant seeks an interim injunction authorizing the defendants to prosecute and exchange data collected without the consent of their parents, as well as the "appropriate facilitation, including actual and statutory damages and penalties", as well as all costs relating to the Prosecution of the action,

The complaint is targeted at Disney and three software companies - Upsight, Unity and Kochava - claiming that companies have developed mobile apps for children that contain embedded software to track, collect and share their personal information along with information about their online behavior Then export. The applicant, a San Francisco woman named Amanda Rushing, says she was unaware that information about her child, "LL," was collected while playing the mobile game, Disney Princess Palace Pets, and these data were then sold to third parties ,

This is not the first time that Disney has faced COPPA injuries. In 2011, the FTC levied a $ 3 million civilian sentence against the Playdom subsidiary after illegally collecting and disclosing personal information from hundreds of thousands of children under the age of 13 without prior consent from their parents.

The class action suit says that this violates the Children's Online Privacy Act (COPPA), which was passed by Congress in 1999 and designed to protect the privacy of children online. COPPA requires that companies designing apps for children under the age of 13 receive parental consent before collecting personal data. In 2013, the FTC COPPA revised and expanded what counts as personal information to include things like geolocation markers and IP addresses. The update also requires that third parties must comply with the rules.

The full list of Disney apps named in the lawsuit includes:


Beauty and the Beast

Perfect Match

Cars Lightening League

Club Penguin Island

Color by Disney

Disney Color and Play

Disney Crossy Road

Disney Dream Treats

Disney Emoji Blitz

Disney Gif

Disney Jigsaw Puzzle!

Disney LOL

Disney Princess: Story Theater

Disney Store Become

Disney Story Central

Disney Magic Timer

Disney Princess: Charmed Adventures

Dodo Pop

Disney Build It Frozen

DuckTales: Remastered

Frozen Free Fall

Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot

Good Dinosaur Storybook Deluxe

Inside Out Thought Bubbles

Maleficent Free Fall

Miles from Tomorrowland: Missions

Moana Island Life

Olaf's Adventures

Palace Pets in Whisker Haven

Sofia the First Color and Play

Sofia the First Secret Library

Star Wars: Puzzle DroidsTM

Star WarsTM: Commander

Temple Run: Oz

Temple Run: Brave

The Lion Guard

Toy Story: Story Theater

Where's My Mickey?

Where’s My Water? (paid, lite, and free)

Where's My Water? 2

Source: (theverge)

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