Microsoft will release some windows games on steam, not just its own store

While certain of Microsoft's older game titles, such as Age of Empires II HD (a 2013 update of a 1999 game) are originate on Valve's Steam platform, its latest high-profile titles, such as Forza 6 Apex and Quantum Break, are high-class to the Windows Store. But this is going to change, with Microsoft planning to announcement more titles on the popular store.

Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox team at Microsoft, was talking on Giant Bomb's E3 stream, via GameSpot. When it comes to PC gaming, the Windows Store is very much an also-ran, with Steam the dominant force. As Spencer noted, "I don't think Valve's hurt by not having [Microsoft's] first-party games in their store right now. They're doing extremely well." Therefore, Spencer said that Microsoft "will ship games on Steam again." Continue reading..............

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